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Positive psychology coaching blends traditional coaching with the science of optimal human functioning. Whether you’re looking to improve work/life balance, increase self-confidence, find clarity around your next move, or reach a goal that has been sitting on the shelf — coaching helps unlock & engage your inner potential through a strengths-based and supportive alliance between coach and client. Navigate from where you are to where you want to be, through a partnership that stretches, inspires and catalyzes you into action.

Are you looking for new strategies to support the growth of your organization, enhance employee engagement, and build a positive culture? Infusing positive psychology-backed strategies into your workplace can have significant impacts on the wellbeing of your employees, the quality of their work and their retention rates.

Speaking at an event

Delivering a talk for the Five Star Urgent Care company retreat at Turning Stone Resort in September 2018.

Training & Workshops
From a one-hour lunch & learn to multi-day intensives, customized trainings and workshops provide flexible learning solutions to bring research-based theories into a transformative group setting. Attendees learn positive psychology theories, tools and strategies that help them & their organization thrive.
Sample topics include:
» Mastering mindset
» Building positivity for performance
» Strengths-based teamwork
» Pathways to well-being in the workplace

Take your organization’s retreat to a whole new level of connection and engagement with a positive psychology-based retreat. We partner with your facility of choice to build and co-facilitate a retreat infused with immersive positive psychology based-experiences. Attendees leave feeling more connected to their colleagues, supported in their growth and armed with new skills for the workplace and life.

Infuse your company’s next conference or your next public event with positive messaging that is sure to engage, motivate and empower your audience for lasting change.  Let’s customize a talk that will support your mission and enhance your message with the science of flourishing.

Flourishing Skills Group®
Why do some people languish while other people flourish? Because in order to thrive, people need to learn to build their reservoir of positive emotions, work with negative emotions, build their will-power, and create nurturing relationships. Flourishing Skills groups provide those tools in an intimate and supportive group setting. The group meets for 10 consecutive weeks, each week building and deepening your happiness skillset, leaving you nourished & empowered. The program covers 10 key positive psychology skills for creating well-being and cultivating mindfulness. Led by a certified positive psychology practitioner, participants build a community while putting new skills into practice in a fun and supportive learning environment.

Bounce Back Better®
Day to day life is a breeding ground for stress and overwhelm.  A growing body of research reveals that mental toughness or “resilience” is not only a mindset that separates those who succeed from those who plateau, it is a teachable and buildable skill. The Bounce Back Better® System is a resilience skills training program that teaches participants key skills and theories to help them be more effective and adaptable in the world.  Through up to sixteen unique modules, participants learn strategies in the mental, emotional, physical and social domains of their lives.

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